We provide transportation services in 4 different modes including air, sea, trucking, and railroad. With these 4 modes of transportation, we areable to offer a safe, speedy and accurate service from point to point including other services such as packaging, storage, and custom clearance.


●International Air / Ocean shipment


●3PL Logistics Service


●Project Service


●Consulting Service

Air Export / Import

With our vast knowledge and experience in the fields of air export and import
shipments we have earned trust and support from over 15,000 clients, from top
firms to mid and small size companies.  Utilizing the EDI system, we
will always keep in heart to set a friendly environment for clients by providing
an efficient and ideal service at a reasonable price.

Ocean Export / Import

Ocean forwarding service of H & Friends GTL provides the most effective transportation
that fits to the clients’ needs at the lowest cost. The cutting-edge IT network between
overseas partners and own branches makes it possible to implement real-time business cooperation.
It automatically offers the shortest and most effective method of transport by simulating the database of the schedule of most liners who can care containers, bulk cargo and any sophisticated project cargo.

Inland Transportation Service

Other than oversea shipments, we also offer a wide coverage of area of inland transportation service, to and from airports and seaports in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

Custom Clearance Service

With our experience over the years, we offer customs clearance service for various goods for both import and export.

Strage Service

Not just only transporting the goods, we also offer Storage Service for General Cargo, controlling delivery schedule of the shipment based on clients request.

Service for Shipment for Exhibition

Handling a variety of goods, we provide service for shipments for Exhibition, Musical Instruments and for public performance/events.